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We are a team of restaurant R&D professionals who truly love food, from all cultures. We have a particular affinity for Asian cuisine but our interests span across various culinary types. From sushi to contemporary California cuisine, we're on a mission to create the best-in-class. How do we do this? Collaborating with the best and insanely talented chefs in the industry. They may be on TV or slicing cucumbers in the back of a kitchen, but if they have the talent and passion, we’ll work with them. We’re on our way, see you soon at a Kaizen Dining Group portfolio restaurant.


A team of food & beverage professionals brought together to develop and operate a portfolio of creative and dynamic restaurant brands.


To operate best-in-class restaurant concepts and elevating the guest experience no matter the menu and price-point.


Maintain the integrity of how certain cuisine should truly be experienced.
Embrace newest technology and make it work for us.
Discipline in making profits and create a healthy financial footprint for all partners.
Foster respectful relationships with partners to set new boundaries in the food & beverage industry.

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